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Whats is Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and how to customize it?

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) can simplify your regular server administration. Such as managing domain computers, users, and other aspects of the network environment in-addition to managing and trouble shooting the server it self and that by creating customized consoles containing of whats called snap-ins of exiting tools in one place.

You may easily create and customize an MMC console by running mmc from the command prompt or by searching for mmc in the start screen

MMC can be run as a Single User or Author User

In the MMC window, go to File -> Add /remove snap-ins

In the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog, click Advanced.

In the Advanced dialog, check Allow changing the parent snap-in and then click OK.

In the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog, scroll through the list of available snap-ins and double click on the one you may like to use. you may add or remove any needed snap-ins and when done click finish

When done you may save the MMC with a relevant name.

You may change the user modes of the MMC to limit or extend permissions

This can be easily done by going to File->Options
In the option dialog you may can select different console modes from thr list. Such as:

Author which is the default mode and allows full access to modify the console.

Or one of the three different User modes where each have a description about the specific limitation or extendability.