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How to Install DHCP in Windows Server?

DHCP is a standards-based client/ server protocol. All windows server editions of Windows Server include the DHCP Server service, which can be installed to support DHCP.

The DHCP setup requires three main process

  1. Installing the DHCP Server service
  2. Configuring the DHCP server with the appropriate scopes, exclusions, reservations, and options
  3. Activating the DHCP server’s scopes

To install the DHCP Server service using the Add Roles Wizard, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the server has static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for each subnet.
  • In Server Manager, select the Roles node in the left pane and then click Add Roles.
  • select DHCP Server and then click Next twice.
  • select the network connections that the server will use for servicing DHCPv4 clients and then click Next.
  • Enter the default DNS settings that the server will give to DHCPv4 clients for automatic DNS configuration.
  • In the Parent Domain text box, enter the DNS name of the parent domain, such as
  • Enter the IPv4 address of the preferred and alternate DNS servers, respectively.
  • Click each Validate button in turn to ensure you entered the right DNS address. Click Next to continue.