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How to Install DHCP in Windows Server?

DHCP is a standards-based client/ server protocol. All windows server editions of Windows Server include the DHCP Server service, which can be installed to support DHCP. The DHCP setup requires three main process Installing the DHCP Server serviceConfiguring the DHCP server with the appropriate scopes, exclusions, reservations, and optionsActivating the

How to install Remote Server Administration Tools in Windows Server and Windows 10 (RSAT)?

To install Remote Server Administration Tools in windows server Active Directory Users and Computers: Open Server Manager -> Add roles and features ->  selected Go to “Remote Serer Administration Tools” and expand it - > Select “AD DS and AD LDS Tools -> click install and follow the wizard. To install Remote Server Administration Tools

What are the basic windows server commands in the command line interface (CLI)?

Any windows server administrator should be familiar with the most basic command line utilities. These commands might vary of its purposes however it is essential for windows server administration and trouble shooting. First make sure that TCP/IP networking is installed prior using command line utilities . Note that to learn how to use any of the Net