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What are the different Editions of Windows Server?

Windows server have four different editions, each is specially made for different industry and may have different hardware requirements. Below is a quick over view of each edition based on Microsoft specifications: EditionFeaturesMax number of usersMax MemoryCostFoundationEssential server functionality without virtualization rights15 32 MBCheapestEssentialsEssential server functionality without virtualization rights, Ideal

What is a domain Organizational Unit (OU)?

DomainHas a unique nameIs organized in hierarchical levelsHas an Active Directory replicated across its domain controllersOrganizational unit (OU)A logical container used to organize domain objectsMakes it easy to locate and manage objectsAllows you to apply Group Policy settingsAllows delegation of administrative control

What is Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)?

Active directory domain services can be thought of as a Database - central point for storing and managing network objects It serves as a central point for administration of objects and resources. Manages Logon and authentication services and delegation of administration Active director is stored on domain controllers in the network. Any changes made to any

What is a Domain Controller

Domain Controllers is explicitly configured to store a copy of Active Directory. It Service user authentication requests and queries about domain objects. Domain controllers can be a dedicated server but is not required to be. Domain Controllers can be read-only, so it can serve the same as domain controller does however only

What is a Domain?

A domain is a logical group of computers characterized by centralized authentication and administration while authentication provided through centralized Active Directory. Active Directory database can be physically distributed across domain controllers, it requires at least one system configured as a domain controller. A domain object is represented by a large triangle and the objects

What is TCP/IP

TCP/IP is a collection of protocols and services used for communicating over a network. It’s the primary protocol used for internet work communications. Compared to configuring other networking protocols, configuring TCP/IP communications is fairly complicated, but TCP/IP is the most versatile protocol available. Windows Server uses TCP/IP as the default