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What is a Domain Controller

Domain Controllers is explicitly configured to store a copy of Active Directory. It Service user authentication requests and queries about domain objects. Domain controllers can be a dedicated server but is not required to be. Domain Controllers can be read-only, so it can serve the same as domain controller does however only

What is a Domain?

A domain is a logical group of computers characterized by centralized authentication and administration while authentication provided through centralized Active Directory. Active Directory database can be physically distributed across domain controllers, it requires at least one system configured as a domain controller. A domain object is represented by a large triangle and the objects

What are the basic windows server commands in the command line interface (CLI)?

Any windows server administrator should be familiar with the most basic command line utilities. These commands might vary of its purposes however it is essential for windows server administration and trouble shooting. First make sure that TCP/IP networking is installed prior using command line utilities . Note that to learn how to use any of the Net

How to Install TCP/IP Networking?

To install networking on a computer, you must install TCP/IP networking and a network adapter. You can also install TCP/IP networking through local area connection properties. Before you can configure TCP/IP networking on individual computers on the dommain, you need the following information: Domain name, IP address type, value, or

What is TCP/IP

TCP/IP is a collection of protocols and services used for communicating over a network. It’s the primary protocol used for internet work communications. Compared to configuring other networking protocols, configuring TCP/IP communications is fairly complicated, but TCP/IP is the most versatile protocol available. Windows Server uses TCP/IP as the default